You’re a member of the disciplinary board for the local police department, responsible for reviewing findings of internal investigations and making recommendations to the chief about the discipline officers accused of misconduct will receive. Three officers are all alleged to have engaged in misconduct while off-duty, or “conduct unbecoming an officer”. This is a serious charge as department policy specifically states “Since the conduct of officers, on- or off-duty, may reflect directly upon the Department, officers must at all times conduct themselves in a manner which does not bring discredit to themselves, the Department, or the City.” See the attached descriptions of alleged misconduct for each officer. After everyone in the group has provided a critique, again read their answers. Looking at the disciplines that are being argued for each officer by your group: 1. Who do you consider to be the officer to have engaged in the most serious misconduct and why? 2. Provide your final decision on the discipline the officer should receive and add to your rationale for that discipline based on the discussion of your group


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