A thorough analysis of multiple (2-4) elements of poetry, explaining how they affect one another as well as the poem’s theme and/or mood.

 Students should be able to write well-organized essays on poetry, document research, and examine elements of poetry, philosophical and historical contexts of literature, and literary themes and ideas. Instructions Compose a 750-1000 word analysis of 1 poem of your choice, supported by critical research. Annotation and explication are the foundations of analysis, so do not neglect them as you work to complete this essay. I sent a list of essays in the annotated bibliography.  Your essay must adhere to all the rules of formal writing (no contractions unless quoted, no 1st or 2nd person unless quoted, etc.) Prompt Write a thorough analysis of multiple (2-4) elements of poetry, explaining how they affect one another as well as the poem’s theme and/or mood. Remember that you must write about one of the poems assigned by your instructor. Thesis: Your thesis should focus on the literary elements you will analyze. Here is one way to structure the thesis to be sure you have a solid claim for your essay: _____’s work, titled ______, uses elements _____, ______, and ______ to emphasize the theme of _______. Remember that all projects in this course focus on literary analysis, using the language of literary criticism (antagonist, irony, tone, etc.). Be sure to review these terms in the sections Narrative and Plot, Character, Theme, Symbols, and Literary Devices. Your essay should not rely solely on personal opinion or mere summary. You should engage deeply with the overall conversation and your chosen text(s), which means that you should pose a claim about the text(s), use quotes from the text(s), and explore the quotes’ significance for your overall argument. Focus on the “why” of your argument and not mere plot summary of a text. You cannot generate thoughtful claims if you rely simply on summary or opinion. While those opinions are important, you should use the text(s) to provide evidence for your essay. Requirements Your essay should adhere to several requirements. This project will be graded using the essay rubric on Blackboard. 1. You must write on the topic outlined in the assignment prompt. 2. Your essay must focus on one of the works we have studied in class. 3. You must format your essay to the current, 8th edition of MLA. 4. Your essay must have at least 6 direct quotes, integrated properly with correct citations. 5. Research is required for this essay; you must incorporate secondary sources and correctly cite your research. You must have at least one secondary and scholarly source in your essay. 6. You must include a works cited page. 7. You must adhere to all rules of formal writing. Tips to Keep in Mind  Choose a work that you find interesting. It’s best if you understand the poem completely.  Read the work carefully, making annotations and notes as you go. Look for elements to analyze. Break down poem as necessary.  Based on your poem, notes, ideas, and topic of your essay, draft a working thesis.  Gather all your notes, any written assignments where you discussed this work, and any research.  Write an outline of the main points you want to make. Compare them to your thesis statement (modify your thesis or outline to make sure they match).


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