Describe Agrawal et al.’s 3 key markers of teaching for


  1. Describe Agrawal et al.’s  3 key markers of teaching for social justice.  How is the way they define teaching for social justice similar to or different from how other authors, whose work we have read, define it (e.g., Hackman in HW 5, Banks in HW 3, etc.)?
  2. What were the main findings from the Agrawal et. al. article?  In what ways are your views challenged or similar to the article?
  3. What barriers do you think exist to engaging in teaching for social justice as defined by Agrawal et. al.?  What might be some solutions or approaches to overcoming those barriers?
  4. Share possible idea(s) and resources you are thinking about for your final Teaching for Social Justice Lesson Plan.  Provide a brief description of a possible lesson including content/topic, grade level, and how you think it would align with teaching for social justice.  

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