Write a 3-4 page reflection based on events in your


Write a 3-4 page reflection based on events in your life that align with the chapters covered so far in the semester. The goal of this assignment is to get you thinking about how this class relates to your life and how you can take concepts learned in class to improve your skills. Refer back to what you have discovered through the “Understanding your Communication” activities and chapter material. Here are some prompt questions to get you started: What types of communication do you use every day and how? How does social media affect your communication skills? How do you communicate yourself/personality/values to others? What cultural values shape your communication style? How does the language you use in day-to-day interactions change based on who you are with? What are your interpersonal relationships like? How could you use communication skills to improve those relationships? Think about a time where you had an interpersonal conflict, how did your communication style affect the outcome? Did you try any negotiation strategies?

Your reflection does not have to answer all questions in the prompt, choose at least 3 or 4 to reflect on and go into detail, citing personal experiences and relating to the chapter material.Format should be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, 1″ margins. 


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