1. Review the textbook information, and then read the following

1.  Review the textbook information, and then read the following articles about these three artifacts:

Figure 8-19 Raimondi Stele, from the main temple, Chavin de Huantar, Peru, ca. 800-200 BCE.  Incised green diorite.


Figure 8-27 Burial mask, Ipiutak, from Point Hope, Alaska, ca. 100 CE.  Ivory.


Figure 9-11 Eagle transformation mask, Kwakiutl, Alert Bay, Canada, late 19th century.  Wood, feathers, and string.


2. Answer the following questions in a 3-paragraph minimum post:

What aspects of each of these three objects support the theme of transformation?  

What function did each of these objects serve?

Why do you think the theme of transformation was so widespread and prevalent in Mesoamerican and North American cultures?


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