Save each chapter in a word document. CHAPTER 3 QUESTIONS

Save each chapter in a word document. 


1-Describe the benefits of VoIP in a service desk setting.

2-List four of the capabilities that ACD’s provide.

3-How is skills-based routing different from normal ACD routing?

4-A VRU integrates with another technology to do what? Provide one example.

5-How does a VRU obtain information?

6-How can scripts be used by service desk analysts?

7-What is a screen op?

8-Why are services desks able to deliver  high-quality support for supported (versus unsupported? products and services?

9-What can you learn from customer satisfaction surveys?

10-What do professional telephone skills ensure?



1- What role do technologies such as the telephone, IM, and chat play in delivering support?

2-What role does email play in delivering support?

3-What role does the web play in delivering support?

4-How are data and information different?

5-What are the keys to a successful service desk web site?

6-What is a “living” document?

7-What is a reusable resolution?

8-How is a data field different than a text field?

9-Explain how intranets and extranets are different that the Internet?

10-You can send an instant message even if the recipient is not online. True or False? Explain your answer.


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