The SWOT Strategy Matrix is a matching tool that helps

The SWOT Strategy Matrix is a matching tool that helps managers develop Four (4)  types of strategies.  In this assignment you will look back at the SWOT you created for MGM Resorts and develop two specific strategies they can pursue based on your initial analysis.  Review the material in the “Readings and Resources Folder”  and the guidelines listed below.SO (Strengths and Opportunities) Uses strengths to take advantage of external opportunitiesWO (Weaknesses and Opportunities) Improve internal weakness by taking advantage of external opportunities.ST (Strengths and Threats) Use strengths to avoid the impact of external threats.WT (Weaknesses and Threats) Reduces Internal weaknesses Assignment Instructions:

  1. Open the excel file “Assignment Matching Strategies”
  2. Open your assignment from last week “MGM Resorts”.
  3. Record your SWOT from the assignment to the space provided in the spreadsheet.
  4. Use the SWOT Strategy Matrix (see below) and develop two (2) specific strategies MGM Resorts should pursue.

 Note:  There are 4 strategy boxes listed, you only need to identify two (2).

  1. The goal is to create and match a strategy based on your SWOT, EFE, and IFE  analysis.

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