Your answers are expected to be in meaningful paragraphs composed

Your answers are expected to be in meaningful paragraphs composed of well-formatted sentences with appropriate flow. Be sure to restate the question in your answers to make sure you cover all of the material requested. You can review the grading criteria in the Content area. Be sure to write in APA format. Make sure you complete the student feedback section as well.

CriteriaExcellentGoodAverageNeeds ImprovementAssignment Content5 points
Content is well-developed with depth sufficient to convey a good understanding of the concepts.4 points
Content shows a general understanding of the concepts but does not go into depth3 points
Brief statements on the concepts leaving understanding questionable or answer is partially incorrect0 points
The content is not correctAssignment Structure3 points
The work is well written using paragraphs and well-constructed sentences2 points
The work is well-written but sentence structure could be better1 point
Poor sentence structure and paragraphs or partial use of bullets0 points
Primarily bulleted answersUse of Examples3 points
The work exhibits pertinent examples of all concepts easily related to the subject matter.2 points
Examples cited are not to the level required to show complete understanding1 point
Examples on some concepts are missing0 points
No examples givenStudent Feedback3 points
Student feedback section is complete along with a good original feedback question2 points
Student feedback complete but feedback question merely rephrases the original question without utilizing new elements1 point
Student feedback has partial answers but no feedback question submitted0 points
No student feedback offered


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