The assignment is to create a SWOT analysis and answer

The assignment is to create a SWOT analysis and answer the preceding questions about Air Bnb.

The case will be attached along with the rubric.

Double spaced. All questions answered please. Must be cited.

 Each case has a primary question (next to the case name) and several secondary questions 


Cases will be graded based upon the following set of criteria:

· Content (80%)

Included here is whether you have substantially and fully examined all of the issues, problems and alternatives and fully understand all aspects of the primary case question. Have you presented realistic alternatives, realistic objectives, and sound implementation strategies (as appropriate) for the primary case question? If specific calculations are required, have you fully addressed what was requested?

· Presentation (20%)

Included here is the layout, content, and readability of your primary case question analysis. Encompasses items such as applicable Excel® slides, situation analysis, problem definition, alternatives, analytical tables and recommendations. Additionally, this takes into account the professionalism of your primary case question presentation. 


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