The lithograph above by Currier & Ives was inspired by

The lithograph above by Currier & Ives was inspired by Longfellow’s poem “The Village Blacksmith.” The image shows the village in muted tones surrounded by softly rendered trees, conveying a feeling of nostalgia of days gone by. Children gather around the blacksmith’s forge to watch him work. For your assignment, select one of the poems from Week 3 or Week 4 that exemplifies the spirit of “romanticism.”  Find an image, photo, or drawing (Google search) that visually demonstrates this spirit. As a reminder, the “romanticism” style: 

  • Values freedom and the democratic spirit
  • Expresses admiration of everyday workers and common people
  • Exalts and idealizes nature and the natural world
  • Uses poetry as personal self-expression

Insert your image into your document, and then write a 1-2 page [275-550 words] reflection. What elements of this poem do you connect with “romanticism”? How does the image you selected convey the spirit of “romanticism”? Explain. Be sure to provide details (quotes and examples) from the poem and image to support your ideas.


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