Research Project-15 pages APA style minimum 5 citations Rules for

Research Project-15 pages 

APA style

minimum 5 citations

Rules for project

 Formatting should be double-spaced, with one-inch borders, no extra space for headings, no
extra white space, no more than two levels of heading, page numbers, front and back matter).

 Extra white space use to enhance page count will negatively affect student grades.

 Errors in grammar, spelling, or syntax will affect student grades.

 Final Submission – the final report is due no later than the due date assigned. A total of at
least 15 full pages is required (no extra whitespace, does not include appendices). (800
points). Only Microsoft Word is acceptable.

 The research paper must only include materials derived solely from peer-reviewed journals
or peer-reviewed conference proceedings. Newspapers, websites (URLs), magazines,
technical journals, hearsay, personal opinions, and white papers are NOT acceptable

 APA formatted citations are required for the final submission. IMPORTANT – Please
refer to the following URL for help with APA:

 All images, tables, figures are to be included in the appendices and IS NOT included in the
15-page requirement. This means appendices are not included in the 15-page requirement.

 Long quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT permitted. Only one quoted short sentence (less
than 14 words) is permitted per page.

 Footnotes are NOT permitted.


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