Academic Paper 2 Based on your text book and class


Academic Paper 2 

Based on your text book and class lectures write a 1500 – 2000-word Academic Paper:

Part A What is Personality? 

 Why is it important to understand and study Personality?

 Describe briefly these four Personality Theories: The Psycho-sexual, Psycho-social, Hierarchy of Needs and the MBTI.

Part B – Pick ONE Personality Theory from Part A and develop the importance and relevance of this theory in today’s world.

Grading Rubrics -Make sure you follow my notes on Writing Academic Papers Use this Grading Rubrics as the outline for your paper and use sub-headings for each section.

Creative Title (3) 

Introduction: What is Personality? (7)

Explain 5 reasons for the importance of studying Personality (15)

Describe briefly the different schools of Personality Theories. Make sure you include the following Personality Theories: Psycho-sexual (10)

Psycho-social (10)

Hierarchy of Need (10)

MBTI (10)

Part B- Creative Title (2)

Introduction (5)

Develop 5 reason for the relevance of this schools in today’s world (20)Overall Conclusion (8)


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