We will be using the case study from last week

We will be using the case study from last week “Forked River Brewing Company” for this assignment.  This week we will focus on Porter’s 5 Forces model.  The premise of the 5 forces model is that it is used to determine how each force affects the industry, either as threat or an opportunity.  For this assignment you will be using the 5 Forces model and analyze how each of these forces impact Forked River Brewing.  The purpose of this is so the operators of Forked River Brewing company can gain a better understanding of their current position within the industry.  Like last week’s PESTEL, the goal is to gain a better understanding of the external (uncontrollable) forces that provide either opportunities or threats.

1. Watch the video and read the article on the 5 forces model.

2. Review the 5 Forces example (Starbucks)

2.  Download the 5 Forces template

3.  Read the case study ” Forked River Brewing”

4.  Rate the strength of each force on the impact they have on the industry (Low, Low to Moderate, Moderate, Moderate to High, High)

5.  Write 3-4 qualitative statements for each to support your rating.


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