Conflict Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment Instructions Overview This

Conflict Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment




This Conflict Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal
is a combination of the papers developed
from your three previous Conflict Resolution Assignments.  Yes, you will use much, if not all of the
material you have used from your previous papers in this class – and you have
specific permission to use the past papers for this Conflict Resolution:
Part 4 – Proposal Assignment
paper. The sections
developed in the first three Conflict
Resolution Assignments
should be consolidated into one paper which has effective
transitions and flows together
. You should have a specific section in the Conflict
Resolution: Part 4 – Proposal Assignment
dedicated to a synthesis of Christian Worldview and their topic.  Ideas for your Conflict Resolution: Part 4
– Proposal Assignment
paper are included
below.  Although I expect you to cover the areas below, at a minimum, you may or may
not choose to use the same format.  In fact
you may prefer a more detailed approach or wish to rearrange/rename the main or




Items to include are outlined as follows: 

Length of assignment is
25 to 30 pages

Excluding title page,
abstract, reference section
, or any extra material

Format of assignment is
the current version of APA 

Number of citations
Minimum guideline is 25 – 35 peer reviewed academic
journal articles and at least one Holy Bible reference.  




Conflict Description

a.      Problem

b.      Detailed

c.      Examples
of the Conflict Manifestation

d.      Previous
Examples of Efforts to Resolve the Conflict or Evidence that there has Never
Been an Effort to Resolve the Conflict

Literature Review and

e.      Literature
Related to Conflict _ if applicable

f.       Literature
Related to Conflict Resolution Applicable to Your Project

g.      Literature
Related to Theoretical Approach Chosen for Resolution

h.      Any
other Salient Research Related to Your Project

i.       Conceptualization
of How You Will Use Sound Conflict Resolution Theories and Concepts to Resolve
Your Conflict

Action Plan

j.       Application
of Theories and Principles

k.      Specific
Plan of Action

l.       How
Suggested Intervention Will Cause a Change to the Underlying Conflict

m.    Effect
of Action Plan on Parties of the Conflict

The Need and Uses of Criminal Justice
Conflict Resolution

Christian Worldview

n.      Application
to Conflict Resolution – General

o.      Application
to You Plan – Specific

Any Other Salient Sections 


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