Discuss how your current organization or an organization with which

Discuss how your current organization or an organization with which you are familiar identifies workplace hazards. Is it effective? What improvements would you recommend? When responding to a classmate’s posting, offer additional suggestions to improve the process they discussed.


As I mentioned in a previous post, we require all contractors to submit their own Accident Prevention Plan. As you know, this provides ownership of their safety and health program, while holding employees accountable. Each company is required to provide a Competent Person for specific scopes. Sometimes, the CP can serve job wide, or they may be restricted to certain scopes. These CP’s are required to complete a scope Hazard Analysis that addresses known hazards typical to their scope from job beginning to job completion. In addition, CP’s are required to complete pre-task plans daily, which communicate the task of the day, and discusses the hazards present or expected. If conditions change during the process, they are expected to stop and regroup. Equipment inspections are expected daily, prior to use, and must be turned in before the machine moves. Safety Professionals assigned at our projects must complete a daily walk-through looking for existing safety hazards prior to the crews starting work. All of these daily inspections get communicated at the round-table field discussion before work starts each day.

Recommended inprovements include mentor programs. Unfortunately, the government requires a five-year experience level before individuals can pursue safety positions. I believe we can start teaching this from the start. If we place highly motivated workers in a mentor program, we could submit them as safety assistants under the supervision of the assigned, experienced, safety professional.


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