This week is the second opportunity during this course to


This week is the second opportunity during this course to complete a self-reflection that will connect with the Assignment you are creating during this unit. Discussion requirements are slightly different for this unit. An initial response and two responses to a peer are required during this unit. This is primarily a peer to peer discussion, so while your instructor will be observing this discussion, they will not be an active participant. Additionally, there is no minimum word requirement, but addressing the topic completely and descriptively will be important to earning credit.

The image you portray as a professional is often reflected in the communications that you relay. Communication in the workplace happens in many forms. In previous units, you had the opportunity the delve into non-verbal communication and even focus on your own oral presentation skills. Now you will focus on how others present information and critically analyze this presentation.

You will locate a presentation online that focuses on your field (for example you might choose a TED talk focused on your field) and analyze this presentation. For the analysis, at least two effective presentation skills the presenter has used and two areas that could be improved should be noted. Explain why you chose these areas.

You will want to ensure you focus on evaluating communication skills for the presentation such as oral presentation skills and nonverbal communication skills. Be sure to share the link to the presentation for everyone to be able view it.


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