Pseudocode is very important for programmers. It helps to sort


Pseudocode is  very important for programmers. It helps to sort out your thoughts  before coding and is for humans (programmers), not machines. Eventually,  the pseudocode will need to be converted into an actual program for the  machine to read.

Write detailed pseudocode for a program that is designed to organize a  family’s property tax payments for the past 20 years. The program  should accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Prompt the user for the property tax amount and also the year.
  2. Use appropriate data structure to store the property tax amount and the year.
  3. Use a linear search algorithm to determine which year the family paid the highest property tax, and display the result.
  4. Calculate the average amount of property tax paid over the years, and display the result.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The program should:

  • Allow user input
  • Select appropriate data structure
  • Apply linear search algorithm

Write the program in pseudocode in a Word document, and once done,  submit it to the SLP 1 Dropbox. Please note that this is not an actual program but a program in pseudocode which can be converted into a working program.


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