EDD8010 – Foundation of Doctorial Studies in Education – 4

EDD8010 – Foundation of Doctorial Studies in Education – 4 pages


Learning and Competencies

Discuss what you have learned in this course in relation to each of the course competencies. Your post should include your reflections upon each of the six competencies. Specifically, reflect on the degree to which you feel you have demonstrated attainment of each of the competencies. (Consider this an opportunity for reflective practice!) Your initial post should address the following items. A few sentences addressing each item are sufficient.

What have you learned regarding how professional educators:

  1. Conduct scholarly inquiry appropriate to current issues in education?
  2. Apply critical thinking models to analyze professional problems, challenges, or issues in education?
  3. Apply information literacy skills to locate scholarly data, theories, and research?
  4. Continue to enhance their scholarly writing skills?
  5. Engage in reflective practice as a tool to analyze professional decisions, attitudes, actions, and skills?
  6. Analyze the characteristics of professionalism, including ethical behavior and respect for diversity and civil discourse?

Organize your initial discussion post using the following headings for each corresponding competency:

  1. Scholarly inquiry.
  2. Critical thinking.
  3. Information literacy.
  4. Scholarly writing.
  5. Reflective practice.
  6. Professionalism: Ethics and diversity.

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