Summary: Summarize Celeste Kidd's research from the article "The Marshmallow Test



Summarize Celeste Kidd’s research from the article “The Marshmallow Test Revisited.”


  • Your summary should be approximately 1-1.5 pages (double-spaced). 
  • Do not use any direct quotations.  Practice your paraphrasing skills. 
  • Include the MLA citation of the article at the end of the summary.  Center the heading in the page:  “Works Cited.”     And then provide the MLA citation.  (See below for the citation that you can simply cut and paste.)

 “Marshmallow Study Revisited, The.” Report on an updated version of the Marshmallow Experiment. October 11, 2012,

To prepare for this assignment we have :

*  Reviewed ingredients of a good summary-the info on Canvas and Ch 2 of They say, I say.  

* Outlined the most important parts of the article

* Developed a first draft of a topic sentence.  

* Discussed essay formatting and how to cite


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