please use attached ANALYTICS SURVEY survey to answer the new

 please use attached ANALYTICS SURVEY survey to answer the new  THE ORGANIZATION DIAGNOSTIC SURVEY. 

1. Fill out the survey based on your current organization.

2. Summarize the responses for each category (product/service quality; building a high-performance culture; leadership and management; management; decision making/action planning; resource management; coping with change, stress, time and ambiguity; human resources management) as required below:

      3. Have a value for each item (in each category) by considering both measures importance and perceptions (How you are doing).

      4. Have a general value for each category from the value of each item.

      5. Identify categories that are considered strengths and which ones are weaknesses.

      6 Prepare actions for each weak category to be improved in the short or long term (see implementation plan samples in the course document link for reference). The filled out survey must be attached to the submission.


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