Share your most memorable experience working in a group. Explain

Share your most memorable experience working in a group. Explain why it was so memorable. If it was a bad experience, identify at least two (2) ways it could have been improved. If it was a successful experience, identify at least two (2) reasons for the success. What did you learn from your experience that you would advise your peers to do or avoid in future group work?

Respond thoughtfully to at least two (2) of your peers.


My most memorable experience working in a group was when I acted in a school play. This play was memorable because it was my first time acting on stage. My experience was negative. It could have been improved with better communication within the cast and honesty about the expectations from the cast and crew. My director struggled to direct the play because she had high expectations and the cast of middle schoolers didn’t quite live up to them. Our production ultimately suffered because every rehearsal was a power struggle between the leads and our director and the cast wouldn’t communicate their ideas to each other. I would advise my peers to encourage an initial meeting where everyone involved can discuss their needs and desires.


The idea of teamwork is essential to a project that requires more than two pairs of hands. Personally, I enjoy being a group that is willing to put effort into their chosen role to make the workflow swiftly. However, there was one time I remember that I had a horrible group experience. During middle school, I had to construct a building for an English class for a major grade. The group consisted of three to four members, including me, and every member was extremely lazy. When we (technically just me) began the project, I was doing all of the work from start to finish. However, one of the members (who was lazy, though every member of my group was lazy) helped me out a bit on the construction process, so I cut him some slack. On the day of the presentation, my group was unprepared while I was ready. My English teacher began to ask each of us questions about the project, and I was able to give the right answer while the other members couldn’t. In the end, my teacher gave me an A while my group members failed the project as she could tell that only I completed the project by the deadline. 


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