Critique the effectiveness of these levers in Aerogen and how

Critique the effectiveness of these levers in Aerogen and how well they manage strategic variables

  • The company’s belief system enabled to development of an innovation culture.
  • Values ensured that each employee was equally believing in the company’s belief of being number 1.
  • The business development team was given clear boundaries.
  • The team finds extra motivation when there is such a strong framework.
  • Diagnostic controls helped the company focus on goals and at the same time, they were flexible so individuals didn’t feel bogged down by ambitious goals.
  • Having a set of goals helps the company plan and achieve them.
  • SMART objectives or goals which are measurable ensure progress can be measured against several metrics. This method enabled the company to find where they fell short. Ultimately, improvement in the company’s service areas. 
  • A healthy incentive and bonus system were developed to ensure employees are satisfied monetarily. 
  • The company specifically targeted to develop extra-ordinary products. 
  • The business development team was given a clear boundary. This enabled team to develop products in-line with the company’s vision.
  • Open door policy inspires confidence among employees. 
  • It signals top management is open to new ideas and listening to employees. 
  • Mr. John Power does not believe in wasting time on meetings. His no revolving meetings reflect onto the employees as well. Employees focus on productive ideas rather than meetings.


  • The company has an unstructured way of management. A lot of freedom is given to the employees. This way can be found difficult for an employee from a large MNC. Generally, such employees are accustomed to working with formal rules. 
  • Mr. Jon Power believes even if the product is losing money, but it is aligned with the company’s vision then we should build it. This method can be disastrous if not kept in check. 
  • Even after growing to a significant size, the company still maintains a start-up culture. The culture can be difficult for new recruits. 
  • The company has set ambitious goals if ethical culture is not prevalent it can lead to financial wrongdoings. 
  • If the excessive focus is given on achieving financial goals like achieving 100-million-euro revenue, it could lead to stagnation in innovation culture. 
  • Due to stagnation, it could end up playing catch-up with new firms with more vigor. 
  • Important to focus on building a strong, trustworthy team of management for the company to scale-up
  • Some employees may not take responsibility and accountability in spite of the autonomy given to them.

The Deficiencies in the Aerogen control system:

  • John found that people were good at achieving sales target but not good at generating ideas for new product or about innovations. 
  • John had given lot of freedom to employees. 
  • He never got involved much into the operations and financial management. 

Managing their strategic variables:

  • He had developed a strategy of Aerogen Inside to achieve excellence through Innovation. 
  • He took pride in growing to become a great Irish Company. 
  • Aerogen always delivered quality products as it must be superior to the products already offered. 
  • R&D performance was evaluated and traffic light system was implemented. 
  • They used SMART objectives to improve efficiency.