Requirements for the Reflection Paper and the Research Paper  Students

 Requirements for the Reflection Paper and the Research Paper  Students are required to submit two papers in this course. The first paper is a short reflection usually on an experience involving a class activity. Given our current circumstances, the topic for this term’s reflection will be the covid-19 pandemic. I would like you to reflect on how the pandemic has affected your life. You may include any relevant research, but it is not required. I am more interested on your own personal reflections about the pandemic and what it has meant to you. The Reflection Paper must be at least two pages in length, double-spaced, normal 1-inch margins, and 11- or 12-point type in an easy-to-read font (e.g. Calibri, Arial, Cambria or Times New Roman). Papers should demonstrate the student’s ability to write in proper grammatical sentences and use proper paragraph structure. Be sure to include your name on the paper itself and also be sure to number your pages! References are not required but may be included if used. Submit the paper by the deadline specified on the Reading and Test Schedule. The Reflection paper is worth a maximum of 4 points towards the student’s course grade 


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