1.  What does Anova Stand for and what is it

1.  What does Anova Stand for and what is it used for?

2. In a one way Anova, what is the difference between the among group variation and the within-group variances?

3. What are the 3 assumptions needed to complete the ANOVA analysis and explain

4.  Use the Classwork week 6 excel spreadsheet below and solve the problem provided.  You will need the following table to find the Qcritical value.

Watch the following video on how to find the tukey-kramer comparison for part b of the problem


the excel file “one-way ANOVA”  workbook provides examples and formulas. Worksheet TK and TK_Formulas provides formulas for the Tukey Kramer part of the problem

5. Go over the Ch. 12 lecture slides and answer the following questions:

a. what are contingency tables used for? Provide 3 reasons

b. Draw a sample Contingency table and put the appropriate labels

c. What is the Chi-Squared Test Statistic? Write out the formula ( do it by hand if you can’t use a math editor program)

d. what is fo ?

e. What is fe  ?

f. Is there a Chi critical value and if so, how do you find it?


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