. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. Do you agree or disagree with their opinions

. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. Do you agree or disagree with their opinions? Would you offer any other insight? Discuss any personal and/or professional experiences with ineffective managers. What issues were caused? What was done to rectify these issues?
Peer 1. Janes situation can be complex because she is leaving a position where she worked side by side her co-wrokers to a higher position as manager. By working as a healthcare professional she is more aware of the needs of her fellow co-workers and the problems that are being faced on the ground level that upper management may not be aware of, even though she does not have prior management experience.
Those that are healthcare professionals become professionals by looking for programs, and entering those programs to become qualified.(Liebler & McConnell, 2017). There may be staff that feel that she is not qualified to be their manager even though Jane feels she can do the job well. Communication will be important between Jane and the staff she will lead in order to let everyone know and understand their roles they will play and what is expected of them.Jane will have to make sure her goals are clear as well as expectations.
She will have to establish herself as a boss and seperate herself from friends while making that trasition from co-worker.
Jane may feel unconfortable for a while until she is in the management role for a while, and they may be co-workers who may harbor ill will towards her or jealousy. She cant show that she feels uncomfortable , and must be able to communicate effectively toward her staff and show strong leadership skills or her staff will not have confidence in her. Jane must be able to motivate her staff and be a positive leader becasue this will be signs of a
a ill- fitting management by the way she communicates and deals with her staff. Another sign would be her retention of staff and being able to handle conflict in the workplace. Masters
Peer 2, Technology Advances in the healthcare industry make providing care easier for physicians and facilities. From shortening hospital stays, sharing patient information, and providing patient education. However, there are some new obstacles the technology will bring. Such as data breaches, hackers gaining access into the clouds where patient information is stored, and staff not realizing patient information can be shared or overseen when personal devices are in use. Therefore, it is essential to remember to be ethical when treating a patient and handling their demographic information. Through the ethical and moral actions of each staff member, the healthcare industry can and will provide a better quality of care with lower costs through the pathways of new technology paves.
I chose the topic of technology advances in the healthcare field. This topic is important to me because it affects my day to day routine at work. I am currenting working in the office of a radiologist, where we are currently updating to the electronic medical charts, EMR. It has taken many hours to pull and scan every chart. It is important for the manager to make sure all staff is properly trained on the new system and procedures. Budgeting is also important sue to manhours being used for this transition and training. As technology communities to advance healthcare staff and managers will need to be flexible and adapt. In current events there are technology advances such as the EMRs and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Most healthcare organizations are now using the EMR system. however, the RFID is a topic that is still being disscused, some belive it is the future. Wiseman


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