good judgement

Psychology Assignment 8 Questions

-No- APA or MLA Request. JUST Answer the question.

-Please exercise good judgement in your posts. Negative or abusive answers will not be tolerated. It should be used for rigorous yet civil discourse that is on topic.

– Each Question must be around 350-450 words.

– No plagiarism, if you use references, please cited.

Due: Jan 29, 2019

1. What qualities do you think are important for a good research topic? Provide 3 examples.

2. If you were teaching a unit on how to conduct a proper literature search, what would be your first 5 steps? Any other tips or recommendations?

3. Some have argued that the Milgram Experiments were justified. Please argue why they were justified

4. Discuss some of the ways in which academic and scholarly writing differs from narrative or persuasive writing. Be specific. Bullet points are encouraged.

5. Find an example of propaganda. Post a link to the example. Then explain how you know it is propaganda by integrating what you have learned from the Hobbs and McGee article. Remember that propaganda doesn’t necessarily mean that the material is false, but that it is presented in a persuasive way to promote a particular cause.

6. Think about the validity issues that must be considered when using an experimental design. Please give an example of an experimental effect on validity and what you could do to mitigate it in a study. Get CREATIVE! I may give a couple extra credit points if you provide a particularly detailed answer that is creative and shows depth of knowledge.

7. Your research questions are: Do special education students at Riverdale Elementary School receive the services mandated by law? Do the students receive the services they need to be successful? Design and describe a brief study based on this question including your methods, participants, measures, and an operationalized definition of “successful”. Did you choose Qualitative or Quantitative methods? Why?


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