critical book

The purpose of this critical book view is to analyze the author’s argument. Think of what was your rationale in choosing that book? What is its relevance in the current discourse of IPE and its respective issue-area? What is the author’s argument? What have other authors said (from what you’ve read in other classes, and in this class) that either corroborates or negates their theoretical perspectives?

I do not want a mere summary of the book: I want a critical assessment of the material, and would like to see your creativity in dissecting the work of these respected authors. Some books are a few years older than others. So, do their arguments still hold up in today’s global economy, with the ever-shifting power dynamic amongst states? If they don’t, why? You could posit your own counter-argument, if you disagree with what the author says. Make sure to provide empirical evidence to support your claims.

Essays should be 6-8 pages (double-spaced) in length, 12-point, and in a consistent citation style of your choosing (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). No plagiarism, as this is grounds for failing the entire course (which I have done before, without batting an eyelash).

You can use whatever additional sources you’d like to include, as evidentiary support to your argument; just cite properly.


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