Topic Proposal

Research Topic Proposal (ReToP)

PY 100: Spring 2019, NOLAN

Overview: In this assignment, you will design and describe a proposal for a correlational study (you will make it up) which examines human behavior. It must be something that could potentially actually be done by a real scientist (no fictional technology can be used). You can assume you have as much money, personnel, and time as you wish to accomplish this study. Any topic relevant to the field of psychology will be acceptable. If you are unsure about your choice, discuss your idea with the instructor.

ReToP: 25 Points

· This assignment must be submitted via “turn-it-in” before class on Friday, 2-1-19.

· Assignments arriving past the deadline will receive late penalties as described in the syllabus.

· Formatting Guidelines:

· Times new Roman 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double spaced

· Cover Page

· Towards the center (top to bottom) and centered (left to right) include the following: Your Name, Course, Section, Assignment Name, Instructor, and Date

· Heading called Introduction

· 1 paragraph (100 words +)

· Describe the topic for a psychology study that sounds interesting to you.

· Be sure to discuss why this would be important or interesting to others.

· Heading called Methods

· 1 paragraph (100 words +)

· Describe the factors you will be examining. Be sure to specify if they are categorical or continuous variables. Be sure to specify if your data will be quantitative or qualitative. [convince me that you know]

· Describe the procedures or HOW the study will be conducted..

· Heading called Results

· 1 paragraph (100 words +)

· Be specific and describe exactly WHAT you think would happen if you conducted this study. In other words, your prediction for the outcome. Be sure to specify trends as a positive correlation or negative correlation.

· Heading called Discussion

· 1 paragraph (100 words +)

· Describe WHY you think the results would turn out the way that they did. This is where you can express your opinion.

Grading for Paper:


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