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Consider the definition of learning offered by Hilgard and Bower: Learning refers to the relatively permanent change in a subject’s behavior to a given situation brought about by his (or her) repeated experiences in that situation, provided that the behavior change cannot be explained on the basis of native response tendencies, maturation, or temporary states of the subject (e.g., fatigue, drugs, etc.).

Part 1 (Humans):  Refer to the Examples of Learning list on the What is Learning? page.  Which of these scenarios listed do you consider learning as exemplified by the definition offered by Hilgard and Bower above?  For the first part of your post, list 1-10 and either “yes” if you consider it learning or “no” if not, and then briefly why you think that.

Part 2 (Dogs):  Using the words and ideas from your chapter text (see term list below) what kind of teaching might be used to achieve this funny Husky learning to  “say” I love you in the video below?  What kind of learning terms apply here?  Write a few sentences about how teaching a dog to say I love you would work, and use several terms in your answer.  If you have or have had a dog, you can also write about your dog’s learning using these same terms to explain their unique, fun, or interesting behavior.


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