The unadjusted trial balance that you prepared for PS Music at the end of Chapter 2 should appear as follows:

PS Music


July 31, 2016

1 Cash 9,945.00
2 Accounts Receivable 2,750.00
3 Supplies 1,020.00
4 Prepaid Insurance 2,700.00
5 Office Equipment 7,500.00
6 Accounts Payable 8,350.00
7 Unearned Revenue 7,200.00
8 Common Stock 9,000.00
9 Dividends 1,750.00
10 Fees Earned 16,200.00
11 Wages Expense 2,800.00
12 Office Rent Expense 2,550.00
13 Equipment Rent Expense 1,375.00
14 Utilities Expense 1,215.00
15 Music Expense 3,610.00
16 Advertising Expense 1,500.00
17 Supplies Expense 180.00
18 Miscellaneous Expense 1,855.00
19 Totals 40,750.00 40,750.00

The data needed to determine adjustments are as follows:

During July, PS Music provided guest disc jockeys for KXMD for a total of 115 hours. Since the company only contracted for 80 hours per month, make an adjusting entry to accrue the additional 35 hours of service. NOTE: The unearned revenue account will not be affected in this adjustment. For information on the amount of the accrued revenue to be billed to KXMD, see the contract described in the July 3, 2016, transaction at the end of Chapter 2.*
Supplies on hand at July 31, $275.
The balance of the prepaid insurance account relates to the July 1, 2016, transaction at the end of Chapter 2.*
Depreciation of the office equipment is $50.
The balance of the unearned revenue account relates to the contract between PS Music and KXMD, described in the July 3, 2016, transaction at the end of Chapter 2.*
Accrued wages as of July 31, 2016, were $140.

*The chapter 2 list of transactions are included in a separate panel of this problem for your convenience.
1. Prepare adjusting journal entries on page 3 of the journal. (Please note that pages 1 and 2 show the transactions that were recorded in Continuing Problem 2 from chapter 2.) Refer to the Chart of Accounts for exact wording of account titles. Note that Chart of Accounts has the following additional accounts: 18 Accumulated Depreciation-Office Equipment; 22 Wages Payable; 57 Insurance Expense; 58 Depreciation Expense.
2. Post the adjusting entries, inserting balances in the accounts affected. Do not enter anything in the Item column. Indicate a zero balance by inserting a 0 (zero) in either of the Balance columns opposite the adjusting entry.
3. Prepare an adjusted trial balance.

Chapter 2 transactions:

Jul. 1 Peyton Smith made an additional investment in PS Music in exchange for common stock by depositing $5,000 in PS Music’s checking account.
1 Instead of continuing to share office space with a local real estate agency, Peyton decided to rent office space near a local music store. Paid rent for July, $1,750.
1 Paid a premium of $2,700 for a comprehensive insurance policy covering liability, theft, and fire. The policy covers a one-year period.
2 Received $1,000 on account.
3 On behalf of PS Music, Peyton signed a contract with a local radio station, KXMD, to provide guest spots for the next three months. The contract requires PS Music to provide a guest disc jockey for 80 hours per month for a monthly fee of $3,600. Any additional hours beyond 80 will be billed to KXMD at $40 per hour. In accordance with the contract, Peyton received $7,200 from KXMD as an advance payment for the first two months.
3 Paid $250 on account.
4 Paid an attorney $900 for reviewing the July 3 contract with KXMD. (Record as Miscellaneous Expense.)
5 Purchased office equipment on account from Office Mart, $7,500.
8 Paid for a newspaper advertisement, $200.
11 Received $1,000 for serving as a disc jockey for a party.
13 Paid $700 to a local audio electronics store for rental of digital recording equipment.
14 Paid wages of $1,200 to receptionist and part-time assistant.
16 Received $2,000 for serving as a disc jockey for a wedding reception.
18 Purchased supplies on account, $850.


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