McFerrin version

1. Using the Medieval Tree of Preaching (arbor picta), develop a brief sermon or homily on Psalm 23 (Bobby McFerrin version):


2. Using the format and instruction found in The Principles of Letter Writing, write a letter to the instructor of this course justifying why you should pass.

3. Flash forward 20 years.  You are now 40 plus years old (I’m a doddering 85) and you are teaching rhetorical theory at SPU.  Students no longer carry cell phones, computers, wallets or purses.  Everything is in the “cloud.”  Paper is no longer used.  If you want to communicate to someone you simply say or think it and it is transmitted to your intended receiver (it goes without saying that you no longer need to physically attend class).  We all wear some kind of virtual device that allows us to hear, see and send messages etc.  Now, think about the five canons of rhetoric and the various rhetorical devices/techniques you have learned thus far.  What devices and concepts will be most applicable to this “vir


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