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1Assessment 03 – Evidence-Based Proposal and AnnotatedBibliography on Technology in Nursing For this assessment, you will write a 4–6 page


Assessment 03 – Evidence-Based Proposal and Annotated

Bibliography on Technology in Nursing

For this assessment, you will write a 4–6 page annotated bibliography where you identify peer-
reviewed publications that promote the use of one of the technologies presented below that
enhance quality and safety standards in nursing.

Before you complete the detailed instructions in the courseroom, first review the technologies
below and select the one you’re most interested in researching.

After selecting one of the following technologies to be the focus of your assessment, return to
the courseroom to review the detailed instructions there.

 Delivery Robots: Delivery robots are automated machines designed to transport
supplies, medications, and other materials within a healthcare facility. They can reduce
human error, streamline operations, and minimize unnecessary human contact,
especially beneficial in infectious disease scenarios.

 Electronic Medication Administration with Barcoding: This technology involves
scanning barcodes on patient wristbands and medications to ensure the right patient
receives the right medication at the right dose and time. It significantly reduces
medication errors and enhances patient safety.

 Tele-ICU: Tele-ICU uses telemedicine technology to provide critical care expertise to
ICUs from a remote location. This allows for continuous monitoring of ICU patients and
provides smaller hospitals access to critical care specialists they might not have on-site.

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