A: Abilene paradox After viewing the video, discuss times when


A: Abilene paradox

After viewing the video, discuss times when you (personally and professionally) have gone to Abilene or noticed that your work group or company is on the way. Give examples of those experiences. These can be very simple every day examples, e.g. going along on a project at work you held reservations about, having a preference for where you eat dinner, but going to a place you dislike because you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, marrying the person you didn’t love, buying a car you didn’t like, moving when you didn’t want to (you get the point).  Try to post one professional and one personal (e.g. one work setting and one life setting example) if you can. How can you stop Abilene from happening in your organization?

Abilene Paradox video clip: https://vimeo.com/28730480
*Note the text on the screen isn’t in English, but the video is in English. The original version is no longer available, but this is it.

B: Characteristics of an effective team
Briefly describe a group or team that you have been a part of that you felt was particularly effective. Determine what specific characteristics of that team made it so (e.g., group or team structured, roles, norms, etc.). Provide specific examples to support your response on techniques, theories, steps, etc..

 *A complete initial discussion post answer both parts A and B. 

**Please remember to include references and to extend your posts to include outside sources.


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