In this assignment, you will interpret an SPSS output file


In this assignment, you will interpret an SPSS output file from a multiple linear regression analysis.  The file’s name is BUS-7106 Week 5 MLR Output File and it is located under Week 5’s Resources. Using this output, you will explain the findings in a narrative report. Your audience is intelligent, but an uninformed group. As in academic writing, please use this as your frame of reference.

Your write-up will contain the following sections Use the current APA style for headings and reporting statistics. 

  • Brief introduction. In this section, create a hypothetical business or research scenario using the three variables. Use engagement as the dependent variable. Use age and sex as the independent variables. 
  • Statement of research questions and set of hypotheses.
  • Description of variables and levels of measure.
  • Discussion of the findings.
  • Discussion of what the results mean in management practice.
  • Brief conclusion.
  • References.

Length: 4-6 pages

References: At least 3 scholarly resources


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