Instructions For this week’s discussion forum, you will complete as



For this week’s discussion forum, you will complete as Self Awareness Inventory. 

Self Awareness is key in becoming a successful clinician.  It is imperative that future clinicians begin practicing self awareness in order to better understand their motivations, barriers and any personal work that needs to be addressed to ensure they can be an effective instrument of change.  Students will complete the self awareness inventory found here, consider the questions below and provide a reflective discussion board post addressing what they learned about themselves based on the inventory and these questions. 

Do you have a desire to be of service?  How have you worked through your personal pain?  How do you intend to assist a client work through their personal pain? Do you enjoy working and being with people and experience a tremendous sense of satisfaction helping others? Do you love the process of change and are excited about being part of the change process in others? Do you base your sense of success on whether or not you can help people? Do you love to be the hero, the reason people are okay?

Initial Post Prompt:

Your initial discussion board post should be at least 200-250 words in length.


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