Discussion Topic: Prepare a main contribution for the discussion forum.

Discussion Topic:

Prepare a main contribution for the discussion forum.  In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and provide details you’re comfortable sharing so we can get to know you.  Share your education goals and specifically why you’re enrolled in this course.  Explain what you’re looking forward to learning. 

In the second paragraph, explain your experience with online learning and studying history.  If you are an experienced online learner, please share tips and strategies you’ve found to be helpful in past classes.  If you are new to online learning, please share concerns you may have.  Hopefully more experienced classmates will be able to reply to your concerns with helpful suggestions and encouragement.  Additionally, describe your past experiences with studying history.  What did you appreciate about it?  What did you find challenging?

In your third paragraph, explain something you found very positive after reading the class syllabus, one thing you found very important in the syllabus, and  questions you might have about the syllabus.


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