Discussion In your final project, you will need to perform


In your final project, you will need to perform financial ratio analysis that was covered in the Learning Resources material this week. This discussion will be an exercise to give you some practice in ratio analysis along with learning from your fellow students’ posts and replies on the subject to understand this topic before writing your paper due in Week 5. 

Using your chosen company for the research project (See Final Research Project announcement), perform a ratio analysis on one of the following types of ratios: profitability, liquidity, activity, debt, and market.

On a financial website, such as Yahoo Finance, find or calculate two ratios under the type you have chosen. Then depending on the type of ratio you chose answer the following analysis questions:

1) What is the formula and ratio value?  Where did you get the values used to calculate the ratio (which financial statement)? 

2) Where is the purpose of this ratio? What information does it provide about the financial/operational performance of the company? 

3) Explain the results of the ratio calculation. Is your company strong in this area? Is the company liquid, profitable, efficient, or well-leveraged, and/or favorable? Please provide a comparison of a competitor, prior years, or the industry in your analysis. 

In your replies to other students provide any thoughts on the original post and compare your results and analysis for your chosen company to the results found by your fellow students in their analysis. Remember responses need to be substantial and 100 words or more.  

Additional Info

Here are my company suggestions, in several different industries, which have worked well in the past, with their main competitor:


AT&T                                                             Verizon

Microsoft                                                        IBM

Amazon                                                          Google

Samsung                                                         Apple

Allstate                                                           Progressive Insurance                        

Capital One                                                     Wells Fargo                           

Home Depot                                                   Lowe’s

Walmart                                                          Target

McDonalds                                                     Starbucks

Coca-Cola                                                       Pepsi


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