Topic: How do the US and the Uk compare health

Topic: How do the US and the Uk compare health outcomes and patient satisfaction among low-income people with chronic illnesses?

Follow MLA format 

_____  Entries are alphabetized (no numbering, bullets, etc.)

_____  Double-space the entire document

_____  Indent the second and subsequent lines for each entry

_____  Acceptable fonts are Times New Roman or Arial

_____  Use only approved punctuation.

_____  Use the appropriate documentation format for the source type

Sources Required-10 total

(These are minimum standards. You may exceed these requirements.)

4 books

  • It may be electronic or physical
  • No self-published books are allowed (biographies or autobiographies are acceptable)

4 journal articles

  • Use approved library databases (HCC library, school library, public library)
  • Journals must be peer-reviewed
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) are allowed if peer-reviewed

2 alternate sources (You may use YouTube, but sources must be academic)

  • Interviews (video or magazine interviews)
  • Videos (academic lectures, study help, background info)
  • Magazine or newspaper articles (electronic is acceptable)
  • Photos 

Annotation Guidelines (2-4 sentences for each source)

  • Summary (2 sentences max.)
  • Statement (critical or evaluative, 2 sentences max.)

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